It is a pleasure to personally welcome you and to thank you for visiting We are a great company in an exciting industry with a very bright future.

As President, I know I speak for all of our employees as I proudly inform you about our company and ideals for which it stands.

As an introduction to Hereford Insurance Company, let me describe our key strengths and strategies. These are the things that make us special – the foundation upon which our business relationships are based. Our first and most important goal and strength is to provide distinctive value to our customers. Every day we strive to be the best in delivering quality service that meets or exceeds our customers expectations and one of our strongest competitive advantages is our employees and our Network of Independent Brokers.

Hereford’s success, growth and leadership position in our industry depends largely on the energy and efforts of all being focused on a single goal, “servicing the customer”. Instilling pride in our employees is an important metaphor for working to continuously improve motivation among all our employees. We have many people to thank for their contribution to our success: our customers, our brokers, our business partners and our dedicated employees who have taken time to help make our company a better one.

In closing, Hereford Insurance Company lives up to its position as a competitive insurance company and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the future with enthusiasm.


Products And Services By Hereford Insurance Company


  • Commercial  Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • livery Fund
  • Loss Control


Contacts      of      Hereford Insurance Company

Hereford Insurance Co Inc

Phone: (718) 361-1221


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