American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac) was founded on Nov. 17, 1955 by three brothers, John, Paul and Bill Amos. In its first year of operation, Aflac had 6,426 policyholders and $388,000 in assets. Today, Aflac is a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with over $59 billion.

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Aflac Inc. is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. It was founded in 1955 and it’s based in Columbus, Georgia. In the United States, Aflac underwrites a range of insurance policies, but is mostly known for its payroll deduction insurance coverage, which pays cash benefits when a policyholder has an accident or illness. In Japan, the company is the second largest overall insurer, largest life insurer and well known for its supplemental medical policies.

Since 2000, the company’s identity has become more widely recognized as the result of commercials featuring the Aflac Duck, who quacks the company’s name in frustration to prospective policyholders. AFLAC’s brand has developed wide recognition with commercials starring the famous Aflac Duck (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried and created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) on television which started airing in December 1999.

The duck concept and all of the commercials to date have been created by Kaplan Thaler Group, an advertising agency based in New York City. Struggling to come up with a concept to make the big but relatively obscure insurance company’s name memorable, one of the agency’s art directors stumbled upon the duck idea while walking around Central Park at lunchtime uttering, “Aflac, Aflac.” He soon realized how much the company’s name sounded like a duck’s quack. Aflac Duck has now starred in more than 30 commercials.

Aflac Health Insurance Says

Aflac offers the following variety of health insurance coverage options and types:

  • Hospital confinement indemnity – pays benefit for hospital stays when 23 hours or more is required due to a sickness or injury covered by the plan.
  • Hospital confinement sickness indemnity – pays benefit for the fees related to doctor visits, diagnostic exams, surgery, and hospitalization.
  • Hospital intensive care – pays for associated costs of stays in an intensive care unit.
  • Specified health event – payment in the event of a stroke, heart attack, coma, or other covered event.
  • Cancer / specified disease – pays benefit for treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and hospital stays.


1955 – 1969: A Time of Vision
1955 American Family Life Insurance Company of Columbus was founded on November 17, when John, Paul and Bill Amos started in a small six-room complex in downtown Columbus, Georgia. The company began with just 16 employees and 60 agents. After its first year of operation, American Family Life Insurance Company had over 6,400 policyholders and $388,000 in assets.
1958 American Family Life pioneered the introduction of a cancer policy after identifying the need to lift the financial burden of cancer patients and their families.
1964 American Family Life began “cluster selling,” which involved selling our cancer products at the work site in addition to selling directly to individuals.The company became American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus – a name change that would later set Aflac up for one of the most groundbreaking advertising campaigns in history.
The 1970s: A Decade of Expansion
1970 American Family Life expands from a small regional company into a rapidly growing national insurer licensed in 37 states.
1974 October 1 – American Family Life went international and began selling insurance in Japan, becoming just the third U.S. company to do so. Within the first year, the company had written $25 million in premiums.June 14 – That same year, American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), with AFL opening at $7.25 per share.
1975 To accommodate the incredible growth, American Family Life employees excitedly moved into the $7.1 million, fully paid-for, nineteen-story headquarters office building.
The 1980s: A Decade of Momentum
The 1980s continued our momentum as we developed our strategy of broadening our product line and expanding our distribution system.
1982 The company reached another milestone by increasing its total assets to over $1 billion.
1984 Aflac U.S. introduced an accident policy and a first-occurrence benefit to the cancer policy. Aflac Japan also introduced another innovative product – the world’s first-ever dementia care policy.
1989 American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus adopted the acronym “Aflac.”
The 1990s: A Decade of Innovation
The early ‘90s marked the launch of Aflac’s first national advertising campaign designed to increase the company’s name recognition and laid the foundation for a decade of strong growth. Accident/disability insurance became the No. 1 selling product for Aflac U.S.
1990 Daniel P. Amos became CEO of Aflac Incorporated and Paul S. Amos became chairman.
1995 Aflac focused its national philanthropic efforts on the treatment and cure of childhood cancer and pledged $3 million to establish the Aflac Cancer Center at Egleston Children’s Hospital.
1996 Aflac U.S. introduced SmartApp®, which revolutionized the policy application process by allowing agents to electronically issue business more quickly and conveniently than ever before. In 1999, SmartApp® received the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Excellence in Technology.
1999 Aflac Japan joined the Children’s Cancer Association of Japan to build the first Aflac Parents House.
The 2000s:
A Decade of Recognition
Brand Recognition: Aflac’s success and momentum continued into the new millennium with the launch of the Aflac Duck campaign that catapulted Aflac’s consumer awareness to where 9 out of 10 people now recognize the Aflac brand in both the United States and Japan.
2000 January 1 – The Aflac Duck appeared on the scene in his first commercial “Park Bench.” Since then, the Aflac Duck has become an international advertising icon and has appeared in more than 70 U.S. commercials.
2003 The Aflac Duck was introduced in Japan and shortly thereafter Aflac Japan, became the No. 1 insurance company in Japan in terms of the number of individual policies in force.
2005 Aflac changed its logo to include the Aflac Duck.
2008 Corporate Governance Recognition: Aflac became the first publicly owned company in the United States to give shareholders a “Say on Pay” advisory vote on compensation.Accolade Recognition: In the 2000s, Aflac continued to accomplish great things, and the world was taking notice. Throughout the 2000s, Aflac was included multiple times on Fortune magazine’s list of the Best Companies to Work For as well as its list of the Most Admired Companies and Ethisphere magazine’s list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, just to name a few.
2009 Aflac completed its acquisition of Continental American Insurance Company, which is currently branded as Aflac Group Insurance.
The 2010s and Beyond: Spreading Our Wings
2011 Aflac U.S. exceeded $5 billion in annualized premiums in force for the first time.
2011 Aflac was the first company to contribute more than $1 million to the Red Cross for Tsunami relief in Japan.
2012 Aflac landed at number 69 on Newsweek’s Green Rankings of the largest 500 companies.
2012 For the first time, Aflac invited a patient at the Aflac Cancer Center to design the popular Aflac Holiday Duck. Each year, thousands of ducks are sold in Macy’s stores throughout the country and online, with the net profits from the duck going to support children’s cancer treatment programs in the area where the duck was sold.
2013 Aflac CEO Dan Amos accepted the “Salute to Greatness” award from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta.
2013 Aflac appeared on Fortune magazine’s list of The World’s Most Admired Companies for the 13th time.

Our company is made up of a diverse group of people, each person bringing different strengths that have added to the overall success of our organization. With offices in the U.S. and Japan, it is important that we attract and retain top talent.

Products And Services By Aflac Insurance

  1. Accident
  2. Cancer/Specified Disease
  3. Dental
  4. Hospital Confinement Indemnity
  5. Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity
  6. Hospital Intensive Care
  7. Life
  8. Lump Sum Cancer
  9. Lump Sum Cancer Critical Illness
  10. Specified Health Event
  11. Short Term Disability
  12. Vision

Contact Aflac Insurance

Contact Aflac at:

Aflac Worldwide Headquarters
1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999
Telephone: (800) 992-3522


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